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Prestige Marketing Solutions is 100% a team environment, where everyone is motivating each other to reach success. We push one another to keep on climbing and surpass our goals. This helps keep everyone focused and determined to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our company’s success is based on a two-part system. The first part of course being our in-store marketing tactics. We are able to listen and give quality customer service based on their needs, and provide the specific products they are looking for. We know the more people we can talk to the better results we can achieve.

The second part of this system is our award-winning Management Training Program. This program helps develop and mold individuals into becoming managers, that can help expand our brand and reach new heights.

In our Management Training Program you can expect to learn the following:

Interpersonal Skills

Through basic human interaction, we are able to greatly increase our employee’s interpersonal communicative skills. These skills are applied in all phases of our program from the basic sales to management of employees.

Personal Development

We look at our employees as stocks that we want to build. Our training curriculum is set up with the flexibility to conform to each individual’s needs. This is not a one size fits all training. It’s a curriculum built around the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.


Our training starts first by identifying whether a candidate has the ability to manage themselves or not. For some people, this is extremely easy. For others, it can be a difficult task. Either way we first evaluate a candidate based on how well they manage themselves on a daily and weekly basis. From there we are able to see how each individual can progress throughout our Management Training Program.

Peer Management

One of the hardest forms of management in the workplace is peer management. Getting your fellow workers to want to follow you and listen to you as their peer not just their boss. This leadership by example form of management is the core of our training curriculum where every single candidate starts with the exact same job. This creates respect and understanding between management and the employees.

Small Group Management

Once a candidate shows us that they can manage themselves, the next logical step is to see how they perform when managing a small group of people. By challenging a candidate as a leader of their peers and placing them in a position where they need to manage a small group of individuals, we can normally see a lot of strengths and weaknesses show themselves. This also allows us to see how well respected the candidate is by their fellow employees.

Office Management

After the candidate shows us that they can manage the personnel, our focus changes gears to more administrative management. Payroll, Hiring process, Client Relations, Advertising etc. We are a people business so that is a huge part of our training; however, without proper training and organizational skills we would not be able to grow our business as efficiently as we want.

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We are always looking for hardworking and dedicated people to join our team. We have plenty of career opportunities for every individual. Don’t hesitate to have a better future.

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